Cylinder wrapping tape 50mm x 25m

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Single-sided adhesive tape, Modified acrylic adhesive Read more …
with Vat

120 °C
Tensile strenght (N/25mm):
24 N/25mm
25 m
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Cylinder wrapping tape 50mm x 25m

Cylinder wrapping tape is an adhesive tape with anti-slip properties developed for roller and cylinder coating. This tape is suitable for spiral application on rollers with a diameter not lower than 25mm. The tape offers a medium-high "grip" and it is particularly suitable for wrapping rollers with very large tables (very wide rollers). In fact, the tape is supplied in rolls, up to 100 m in length, without a splice. It is made with cork and rubber agglomerated and reinforced with fibre with adhesive on the back and protected by a paper liner. Thanks to the special adhesive, when the tape will be arrived at the end of its life and the tape need to be substitute, it will be easy to remove and it leaves very few adhesive residue on your cylinder.
Single-sided adhesive tape, Modified acrylic adhesive
It is a specially developed product for PP, PE extruders, wide web and narrow printing industry – flexographic printing solutions. Tape after being applied on cylinders has a special grip performance to provide an antislip surface during the high-speed printing process. It helps to hold the line of the rewinding medium in the correct position.

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