Pb 96100 Protective film

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Pb 96100 protective film is 100% PE (polyethene plastic). It uses polarization to adhere to the surface reliably, minimizes the risk to the product and can be removed without leaving any residue. The… Read more …
with Vat

200 m
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Pb 96100 PE (polyethene plastic) protective film has good ageing performance, environmentally friendly. It is easy to laminate and peel.
It is mainly used in the metal industry, optical industry, plastic industry, printing industry, and wire and cable industry. It is used for glass, lenses, high-gloss plastic surfaces, acrylic and other surface protection. A big advantage of adhesive films is that they can be removed afterwards without any glue residue. In addition to scratches that can directly damage the product, dirt and grease on individual components can cause problems in the production process. Parts to be galvanized must be free of oil and dirt. Even fingerprints can negatively affect subsequent production and processing steps. This means that grease on surfaces is more than just a cosmetic problem.
Excellent transparency is important when presenting the product, where it is necessary to preserve the overall impression of the product - furniture.

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