Pb 265 ATG Adhesive transfer tape

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Pb 265 ATG transfer tape suitable for ATG applicator with very strong adhesiveness and is suitable for high temperatures Read more …
with Vat

180 °C
Tensile strenght (N/25mm):
13,1 N/25mm
0,13 mm
Adhesive type:
33 m
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Extremely high-quality adhesive tape with a transfer film that can be applied to a variety of substrates and materials. It offers superior resistance to solvents and can be used at extremely high temperatures.
The ATG tape system delivers controlled adhesive application while the liner is rewound into the ATG applicator. Bonds on contact and can be used very well on various combinations of substrates and materials.
The ATG tape system is universal, convenient and quick and easy to use. It does not leave a mess and does not require cleaning. It is a cost-effective replacement for rivets, staples, screws, studs and liquid adhesives. Greater safety compared to hot melt adhesives.
Pb 265 adhesive transfer tape is a strong, pressure-sensitive, acrylic-based self-adhesive system. It is characterized by extremely strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, excellent adhesion strength with resistance to tearing, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.

Ideal for applications that require an extremely strong bond, high tear resistance and superior handling of high temperatures. Selected applications include: name tags on trophy plaques, joining foam insulation, hard-to-join folders and boxes, and substrates that require a higher internal strength adhesive.

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