Pb 7391QS - Quick Splice Tape for PP & PE films

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Quick Splice Double-sided tape with an aluminium backing for inductive joint detection with a rubber bonding for PP and PE extruders, immediate connection without the need to stop the machine. Read more …
1 208,25 Kč with Vat

Pb 7391QS - Quick Splice Tape pre PP a PE fólie
130 °C
Tensile strenght (N/25mm):
24 N/25mm
Adhesive type:
50 mm
50 m
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Pb 7391QS - Quick Splice Tape for PP & PE films

Double-sided adhesive tape with special construction for Quick Splice application. Suitable also for Low tack energy materials such as Polypropylene and Polyethylene. Tape is developed for flexographic or rotogravure printers. Aluminized backing for splice inductive detection.
Strong tensile paper carrier with aluminium ply. 
Synthetic Rubber on aluminium ply – High splice side.
It is a specially developed product for Flying or Quick splice of PP, PE extruders, wide web and narrow printing industry – flexographic printing quick splice solutions when unstopping machine splice requirements occur. Self-splittable paper layer tape for flying splices of filmic materials in converting, laminating and flexographic printing process.

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