Orabond 3331TG, 1372mm x 50m

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ORABOND 3331TG double-sided acrylic tape with a PVC carrier. Resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents and moisture. Read more …
with Vat

Tensile strenght (N/25mm):
8,8 N/25mm
0,23 mm
Adhesive type:
50 m
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ORABOND® 3331TG forms part of our AM2 range of high-performance double-coated tapes. It consists of a hard PVC film carrier, coated on both sides with a modified solvent acrylate adhesive. It has a very good resistance against UV radiation, extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents and humidity. Its highly shear-resistant adhesive has excellent durability when attached to metal, varnish and high-energy surfaces. It has good adhesive durability when attached to low-energy surfaces. Because of its high adhesive mass, it is also appropriate for rough or structured surfaces.
Suitable for surfaces such as stainless steel, painted steel, galvanized steel, composite aluminium, aluminium, phenol, ceramics, powdered metals, cardboard, PVC, ABS, glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, PBT, polyester, Tyvek, various papers, MDF, low-energy surfaces (LSE), softened surfaces (PMR)

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