Double Coated Tape 3M GPT-020F

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Transparent double coated pressure sensitive adhesive tape with clear polyester carrier. Read more …
with Vat

90 °C
0,2 mm
Adhesive type:
50 m
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Providing versatility with the capability to bond to a wide variety of substrates from high to low surfaces.
High initial tack and humidity resistance
Easy handling and converting due to filmic liner delivery
High temperature resistance, providing full bonding performance: up to +190 degrees C short term, up to +90 degrees C long term

Designed for Versatility: 3M Double coated tape GPT-020F is a transparent, 200-micron thick, modified solvent-free acrylic adhesive with a white printed PP filmic liner. 3M GPT-020F combines a high level of peel and shear performance enabling high adhesion to a wide variety of substrates both to high and some low surface energy substrates.

It offers high initial tack and humidity resistance, providing easy handling and conversion due to the filmic liner delivery. 

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